The big WHY

Everyone has probably heard about the big WHY. It is typically asked when you are considering something major in your life. Maybe starting a job with direct sales so you can work from home with flexible hours. Maybe it is starting a new diet/work out program. Maybe you just need to figure out your why to explain to yourself how to get out of bed and go to that job you hate. I’ve been asked a few times to think about what my “why” is. I don’t like how I got to my answer but I’m thankful to have it.

My big why came in the aftermath of Mother’s day 2014 other wise known as the day my dad died. To say that it was an unexpected is an understatement. My dad had turn his life around when it came to health. He had stop smoking for years and lost lots of weight. He found a passion for hiking and backpacking. Just a few months before his death he had a physical for work that included a through look at his heart. Everything was clear but for reasons unknown dad fell asleep in his hammock and never woke up.

In the months that followed something inside me began to changed. I can’t fully describe it but when you lose someone you are so close to you start to think about your own life and what kind of mark are you going to make on the world. There are a few things that I learned. What you do for a living to provide income does not fully describe you or determine your worth. In other words I am so much more then the job I currently have. I use to look down at myself for not being a designer like I set out to be in college. But I’ve come to realize that my husband doesn’t love me because of my job. He loves me because of the person I am, my personality and zest for life.

Make life fun, it’s harder then it sounds to learn. While I was working in Tucson I had a co-worker who was always getting stressed about every little detail. Work and personal life never seemed to let up on drama and stress. I don’t let the little things get me down anymore. If that report doesn’t get finished or if you missed that phone call it’s not the end of the world. There is always tomorrow to improve what you did today. At the end of the work day I was ready to go home just like everyone else. Not because I dreaded the work, but because I was excited about what my life outside work means to me. I look forward to riding my bike on the greenway or taking LadyBug to the dog park. That is what gives me life.

I have plenty of family members that have had different health problems. Honestly who doesn’t know someone has/had cancer? For me personally my weight got high enough that my doctor had to put me on blood pressure meds. I hated it because I knew that was a path that I didn’t want to go down. I didn’t want to start in my 20s with a lifetime of prescriptions and telling me that I have health issues that I knew I could control. I ended up getting off the meds a few months after I got on them. I started doing Crossfit and within four months I was off completely. I was also told I was borderline diabetic. These little diagnosis is how my dad’s health started off. I want to live a long life and in order to do that I have to take my health serious. As of today I am no longer borderline diabetic, I have signifigantly limited my soda addiction, my blood pressure is still in normal range even when I had to stop doing Crossfit, my water intake and increased like dramatically, I am exercising on a very regular basis.

I’m almost 30 (ahhh) and I have a lot of life in me to live. My big WHY is because I matter to myself. I want to live my life knowing that my family and friends know I love them. I want to accomplish my goals and travel. I want to improve on me in every aspect I can. My big why is why not?