Health Goals

What does it mean to be healthy? Is is exercising X amount of days? Or eating according to a certain diet. Being able to run X distance in X time? Lifting X amount of weight? Or is it more along the lines of looking a certain way? Being X amount of weight or body fat percentage. Maybe getting your BMI to be a certain number. There are lots of ways we can describe what it means to be healthy. For some its all about numbers for others it may be more of a visual thing.

My health goals are something I have thought about for months, ok years. They are very unique because they are custom fit for me, my personal history, and my abilities. Before I share my goals let me first give you a quick history lesson on how I got here today.

The first time I remember being bigger then everyone else was kindergarten. Yeah I know crazy, at six I remember having to sit at the back of the class because I was taller but the two kids sitting next to me were big like me so I understood it to be that big equaled bad which equaled sitting in the back. I’m sure my teacher never even noticed and it was probably all in my head. The first time I got picked on because of my weight was middle school. The one that really hurt was when a girl called me a dinosaur in 9th grade, thankfully I was friends with seniors and upper class men and they shut her down quickly. As far as health goes was 200 by the time I entered high school and stayed around that number all four years. I would lose weight in the fall during marching band season but I didn’t have any other activities or sports so I would gain it back by the end of the year.

College was a huge turning point for me. For most the freshman 15 is real and yeah it happens. I did the complete opposite, I lost 30 pounds my freshman year. I can contribute 100% of that to having to walk about 3-5 miles a day to get to class. I also live on the 3rd floor of a dorm with no elevator so stairs were a regular part of my routine. The next year I lost an additional 20 pounds. That year I really kicked up my fitness and started running on an elliptical and doing a 20 minute ab workout class with my friends. I went from a size 16-18 to a size 12; 215 to 165-170.

2006 my smallest in college

2006 my smallest in college

After college my routine was thrown out the window and my weight came back plus some. At first I had a job in retail so I was walking some but not my standard that I had set in college. I also didn’t have my workout buddies to push me or that nice big free gym like I did in college. The weight slowly came on but wasn’t unbearable. In 2010 I married Jeremy and the wedding weight settled in on both of us. By the time 2013 rolled around I was heavier then I had ever been. It was a really low time in my life and getting out seemed impossible.

Flash forward to today, I now a size 24 just shy of 280. Gasp. 2015 has been the year that me and Jeremy have focus on our health. We started doing Crossfit and fell in love with how awesome it was. (Seriously wish that had been around in college) We moved to Tucson in the summer and switched paces and discovered biking. Now we are back in Charlotte and kinda doing a couple different things. I’ve lost around 5-10 pounds depending on the day from when I started.

Ok so back to my personal goals. I think that by saying a strict number will define whether I am healthy or not is a bad idea. I don’t my whole focus to be just a number but I do have some number related goals.

The number goals:

Weight:140-150 At this weight I will be considered healthy by BMI standards. I feel like this number range allows some flexibility because let’s face it we have a two to five pound average that say within on a daily basis.

Body Fat %: around 25% At my goal weight I might actually have less body fat. This is where my personal history comes into play. I have a big chest, like bigger then the average for whatever size I am. So I know this is going to play into my body fat. I also have no desire to have defined abs or to look like an elite athlete. That just isn’t my goal, sure I want to be healthy but I also still want to recognize myself in the mirror. So I’m keep my body fat % goal a little higher then most probably would.


Bra size: 38 band This is just me wanting to shop easier. I could honestly care less about the cup size, I know it will stay up there. But being able to go down in band size will help me find more options. When I lost all my weight in college I still had a larger cup size, I know my girls aren’t going away even with massive weight lost and I’m okay with that.

Fitness goals

Okay so now that you have seen my number goals there is a second part of my over health goals. My fitness goals probably seem trivial but they are for me not you. For me being able to accomplish these goals will take time and training. My goal is to finish these before I actually hit my number goals and create new fitness goals as I continue to get stronger.

Monkey Bars: So this might sound funny and for many out there they may not have even thought of it as a goal. I have never ever ever been able to cross the monkey bars, not even when I was a kid. This is a personal goal for me, I really want to make it pass the third bar. It should go without saying that chin ups, pull ups and muscle ups have also been unattainable in the past. Hopefully getting my upper body strong enough to cross a set of monkey bars I will also be able to do some kind a pull up.

Handstand: I can’t decide if I’m going to do a headstand or handstand but either way I want to be able to balance upside down. This is a strength goal for me and something I hope to perfect as I improve my flexibility.

Run a 5K: This is an endurance goal, right now I can hike/walk a 5K in a little less then an hour. That’s really not impressive. I hate running and have absolutely no ambition to run a half or whole marathon. 5Ks however are a different story. Assuming I can do one with a decent time it could take me 30-45 minutes and there are so many cool theme 5Ks that I would like to participate in.

Now that you know what my health goals are including my number and fitness goals what are your goals?