IMG_4412Welcome Welcome Welcome to the Plus Side of Life blog. I am truly happy to have you here visiting my site. I have been planning and prepping for this blog to become a reality for a while. I have big dreams and big goals for this little blog but for now please enjoy the simpleness of this blog. I have tried to start this blog a few times but never knew where to go and how to get there. This time I have clear goals and know how to achieve these goals.

So what can you expect on this blog? Well for starters you can expect me to be here with stories about my journey. I have become an outdoor junkie over the past few years. I hike on the regular and have backpacked a few times but that needs to increase. This spring I’m hoping to get a mountain bike to join my husband on the trails. I also having been dreaming of kayaking for the past 5 years but don’t have a boat just yet. This blog will be a hybrid, one part outdoor fun and one part fitness. As you can guess from the title of the blog I currently am a plus size woman. I will be documenting my pursuit to lose my excess body fat and gain muscle so that I can even better enjoy my outdoor fun. Mixed in between will be motivation for both you and me, random stories about me and travel highlights.