Apps for the Outdoors

If you are anything like me then your phone isn’t too far away from you, even when you are enjoying a good view on top of a mountain. For the most part I keep my phone tucked away and use for music and picture taking while out on the trails.  While in this day and age it is hard to part from technology sometimes that can turn into a good thing. Here are some of my favorite apps to use while I am outside.


Map my fitness

Map my Hike, Bike, Run, they are all the same app pretty much and you can always change the setting to capture what activity you are doing. I enjoy this app because it will track you on GPS so at the end of your trip you know just how much ground you covered and have the map to show it. While using the app you can also play your music and it will pop up to tell you stats as often as you want. The stats include pace, distance, split pace. Once you are done with your run, walk or ride it is easy to upload your stats on Facebook to share off your hard work. This app will also show elevation change so you can see how much elevation you gained over the course. It will overlay the elevation with your pace so you can see how the two correlate.



My husband got me hooked on this app. It takes copies of the paper maps that you would normally grab at the front desk and makes it mobile. This app will show you where you are on the trail and what direction you are facing. It is the perfect app to use when you are on new trails or ones that seem to confuse you. Don’t worry if they don’t have a maplet for a park in your area. You can email them the park and they will update quickly and send you an email back once they have it ready. Jeremy did this while we were in Tucson. This is the only app in this post that does cost. ($2.99) Never be afraid to get lost in the woods now.



Whether you are a runner or a road biker this app is for you. Footpath allows you to map out a path for your next workout and will let you know the distance before hand. You can draw a loop or along with the roads and it will make a path. There is a snap tool that will allow the path to automatically snap to the roads in case your finger drawing isn’t perfect. It will also show you where each mile marker is along the path and the elevation.


MTB Project

While this app is mountain biking specific chances are you can also run or hike on the same trails too. This app will show you trails that are in your area. This is great if you are somewhere new and want to see what is around. This app could also surprise you, we didn’t know that some the parks we had visited our whole lives had mountain biking trails. So you could find that there is a trail closer to you then you originally thought. It is also great if you want to plan a trip to find some new trails once we both feel a little more comfortable with hills I expect Jeremy and I to make a trip biking in the mountains. The trails are also color coded for difficulty, green is easy, blue is intermediate, black is hard.



I don’t know about you but I document my trips. No one is going to believe you climbed that mountain unless there is proof right? Well I post my proof on Yonder, think of it as a cousin to Instagram. This app is for all the outdoor junkies like me that want to show off how pretty this world is. Some of the most stunning landscape photography can be found on this app. Just like Instagram you can leave comments and like photos. You can also tag on the map where your picture was taken. This app allows people to connect and ask questions about trail conditions, terrain and connect to meet up. You can even tag what you were doing in the picture, hike, bike, fish, hunt, etc.

I’m sure there are tons of other apps that help you enjoy the outdoors but this is a good start. Now stop reading this and go have some fun outside. Seriously. Stop reading. Go get some Vitamin D.