Hello Hero: Michelle Wilson

So I came up with this idea for a regular series of posts that is basically a shout out to people who are inspiring me. Sometimes it is people I know other times it will be celebrities or people with a wider reach then I have. The name for this series is nod to my dad. He called everyone hero mostly because he forgot names so hero was his word like someone would say buddy.


Michelle and I at Grandfather Mountain

My first “Hero” is my sister-in-law, Michelle Wilson. I hope she is shocked by this post because I didn’t tell her about it. The people closest to you sometimes don’t hear how you feel because you just assume they know. Well I want Michelle to know that I love her and am super proud of her. This woman seems to be balancing everything. She goes to college full time to be a nurse, works full time and is a mother of three (AJ 19; Rieley 8; Wyatt 6). She finds time in between her schedule to keep a regular exercise routine that bounces between running, road biking, kickboxing and DVD workouts.


Michelle with my dad after her half marathon in Franklin, NC

I first met Michelle on a family camping trip, she was pregnant with my niece Rieley. At the time health and fitness was not a part of her life. That changed when she was pregnant with my nephew Wyatt. She had gestational diabetes and it became a huge wake up call for her. She started working out slowly by walking which turned into running. Then she added kickboxing which she uses to release stress and build strength. Fast forward to 2013 when she completed her first half marathon. It was quite a feat because this Kansas girl did it on the Appalachian mountains where elevation change was significant. She made a promise to my dad before he died that she would do a full marathon and has been training to do one this year. Her health journey took a turn at the beginning of 2015 when she had a routine hysterectomy. It took longer then expected to heal then originally planned and required her to stop exercising for a little while. Once she was cleared by the doctor she has been working again to lose the weight she gained from healing.


Michelle finishing her half marathon like the champ she is!

For me it doesn’t matter what size she is, she is always trying to improve. Michelle has worked on limiting her kids from eating fast food and drinking soda. She cooks regularly and is always trying to make healthy meals, with the exception of her famous chocolate chip cookies. (A story for another day) Michelle is a mom, wife, student, nurse and so much more. Say Hello there Hero to Michelle.


Michelle killing a 5K in Kansas