Gear wish list

It’s Christmas time and kids aren’t the only ones that can have a wish list. While I doubt I will get anything of my wish list for Christmas this year I can still put it out there. Outdoor fitness and fun is all about have the right gear.cannondale-trail-4-2015-mountain-bike

Mountain Bike

Jeremy got into mountain biking when we went to Tucson this summer. He quickly fell in love with the idea of problem solving how to get over obstacles while enjoying the scenery the trails had to offer in a different way. Back in NC he has only made me want to join him even more as he gets to see the same trail in less then half the time it takes me to hike it. I’ve been looking at a couple of different mountain bikes to see about fit and budget. This Cannondale Trail 4 is perfect for me. It fits like a glove and it is my favorite color, plus the cost won’t break the budget. While Jeremy has a full suspension bike and this one is a hard tail I still think it will work well to get me over all the roots in the trails of NC.


Sleeping bag

This NEMO sleeping bag is something I have been looking at for well over a year. Jeremy likes to call me a temp wimp, in other words I get cold and stay cold all the time. Winter camping is hard for me because I have a hard time staying warm. As a plus size woman this is one of those purchase where I have struggled. It is hard to find a sleeping bag that will fit my width. I’ve found a couple of men’s bags but they are super long which means extra weight that I don’t need. This NEMO bag has great temperature rating and allows me to move within the bag. The figure 8 shape allows me to move freely and I don’t feel trapped inside.


SUP and Kayak

I have been dreaming about a kayak for about 5 years. Growing up on the lake summers are defined by the time spent on the lake. Right now I just want to get comfortable being on the water before I consider doing something harder like white water kayaking. This Jackson Kayak that I found looks like it will be the perfect one. The Tupelo 12.5 has a bigger width and has a capacity rate of 300 pounds, so I would be super confident that would work for me. There are also attachments I can buy later on to turn this into a fishing kayak. As far as SUP well it has become a quickly growing activity and I think it would be a lot of fun. I am not one of those ocean people that just love the beach, but if you put me on the lake I will be there all day every day. I don’t have a specific model that I am looking at just yet for the SUP.


Wool base layer

Merino wool is the best base layer for winter. This isn’t like the itchy wool sweater you got for Christmas from your crazy aunt. Merino wool is very soft, moisture wicking and doesn’t smell as quickly as synthetic material. The only problem is my size. I have yet to find wool base layers that will fit me. Even in the men’s section I still can’t find anything. This is one of those things that I find to be a catch 22 in my life. As a plus size woman I try to be active to lose weight, however most companies don’t make equipment that will properly fit me for now so that I can safely and comfortably enjoy these activities. I love the Smartwool and have lots of socks and hopefully will get their gloves for Christmas this year. (hint hint) Since I can’t find a wool base layer that will fit me, I am looking at Land’s End thermaskin heat crew, I’ve had stuff from them before that fits me. While it’s not the fabric I would prefer this is the best back up option I have found.


Padded bike shorts and jersey

I was surprised when I came across Juno Active who actually sales padded bike shorts and jerseys to fit me. This company even goes up to a 6X. Most people think of cyclist as thin fit people with strong legs. While that can be true that isn’t always the case. From my research cycling is quickly becoming a sport that is welcoming over weight people to join. I’ve also found jerseys that fit me at Performance Cycling.

As you can tell by my wish list my toys are much more expensive then when I was a kid. Hopefully over the course of 2016 I can get every thing of this list. For now I will bike on my cruiser on the greenways and sleep in my sleeping bag when its warmer out.