Do you Fitbit?

By now pretty much everyone knows some one that owns a Fitbit. There are lots of fitness trackers out there ranging from Garmin that does it all on your wrist to pretty ones like the Leaf . I’ve had my Fitbit One for about a year and a half.

One of the big decisions I had to make when I got my fitness tracker was whether I wanted a watch style one or something else. One day I may upgrade to a wrist one but at the time I had a job that had a stricter dress code and having a neon pink watch wasn’t going to gel. So I chose the Fitbit One because it was small and I could clip it on under clothes. When I am dressed up or wearing looser pants I like to clip it on the shoulder strap of my bra. It does a good job still counting my steps but it’s not visible. When I’m working out I try to keep it at the bottom of my pant leg. I noticed that it wasn’t picking up when I was riding my bike and it was clipped on my bra. So I moved it to my leg to help up my daily step count and found it to be very comfy there.simple.b-cssdisabled-png.hf40a6da187e4330b87828b3a8948d021.png

When I got my Fitbit there were no touch screen fitness trackers that monitored everything including email. So at the time the One had all the same features as the Flex for the same price and there was nothing else to compare it to. The One will monitor steps sure but it also tracks sleep. For the most part I am a really good sleeper but its nice to see a graph to get a birds eye view. I can see what weeks I was getting more or less sleep and figure out what was causing that. The only downside is the wrist pouch you wear while sleeping. The tracker is suppose to come out of the clip and into a pouch that straps onto your wrist. This worked fine for me for a few months but then it got worn out and my tracker would fall out in the middle of the night. I would wake up to find my tracker was lost somewhere between blankets and pillows. That also meant that for the past four hours I didn’t budge at all when I knew that wasn’t true. Now I just clip it on my PJs and call it a day. While it does report that I’m not moving as much with it on my waist versus my wrist at least I know it is secure and I will be able to find it in the morning.

As an avid hiker I also really like to see how many floors I’ve walked through out the day. If only this had been around in college when I lived on the third floor with no elevators. The floors climb really helps me understand just how much elevation change a trail can be. Some of my most notable floors climb was 64 flights when I toured an air craft carrier and a hike that was 50 flights of climbing. The tracker itself will show me the time, number of steps, distance covered, floors climb, and energy flower. The energy flower is basically a visual of how active I am at the current time, if I’m sitting at home watching tv then maybe two leafs show up, if I just got done running then it will have all the leaves show up.


The app that goes with all Fitbit trackers is helpful and easy to use. It also shows you more things then the actual tracker does. Although I’ve been using the app for over a year and a half I still haven’t used all the features it offers. I have realized that I’m not drinking as much water as I was in the summer and have started to use the water tracker. It can also track my food intake, monitor my workouts and tell me my current weight and pound to go. The food intake and workouts have a massive library of items to pick from to help you determine calories. The app will also show me my active minutes, calories burned and battery level.

To finish the Fitbit One can also have a silent alarm set where it will vibrate to wake you up. I’ve used this feature a few times but prefer sound to wake me up. Overall I really am pleased with this fitness tracker. Its verstile that it can be worn whether I’m dressed up or in my work out gear. It tracks everything I want or I can manually enter in the data. The only down side I have found it the fact it’s not water proof. I have jumped in a pool while wearing it by accident but its not something I would do again. Oh and one last thing, my Fitbit loves me, every morning it will tell me something positive. Things like: You got this Amanda, Let’s go Amanda, Howdy Amanda, you get the idea. It’s a little feature that I just love.