Truck Stop Santa


My dad on our last Christmas together

Christmas has to be one of my all time favorite holidays. Everything about this time of year is wonderful: food, lights, music, presents, family. My family has a very unique tradition that started back when I was in middle school I think. My dad was a truck driver who travel all over America and some of Canada. While on the road he couldn’t buy gifts at traditional stores because there isn’t parking for semis just anywhere. So growing up mom and I got gifts from truck stops. The thing about my dad is his gift giving abilities were mostly misses. That was the thing though, he gave you whatever it was that he wanted you to have. It was never what I asked for and usually not very practical.

My favorite present is this ceramic egg. My dad was so excited for mom and I to open the present. He sat on the edge of his seat as we open them as the same time. Once I saw this little egg on three legs I looked at mom to see her reaction. I knew better then to just come out hating it and asking had he lost his mind. My dad’s face was full of joy until we open them. My mom had the worst fake smile. We both felt horrible breaking my dad’s heart. These eggs were ugly and hard to open, no storage room really. What really made him mad was he said they weren’t cheap. Mom and I kept our little eggs, even though they are pretty much useless. Over the years we have grown to love them and they are the go to joke about Truck Stop Christmas.

My sweet Elmer Fudd hat, my last truck stop gift from my dad

Our last Christmas together before he died was the most epic of Truck Stop gifts. For once dad hit the head on the nail and everyone loved his gifts. I don’t remember what everyone got but I do remember everyone laughing and smiling. I personally got the best Elmer Fudd hat and a scarf. Since my dad has passed the tradition has stayed alive. My brother’s family sent us some truck stop gifts. My mom sent truck stop gifts to us and to my brother’s family. The requirements are still the same, get it from a truck stop, and have fun. Last year I got a Panda hat (Amanda Panda yeah been getting that joke since kindergarten) and a mason jar cup. The goofier the gift the better.