Mot Mon: Pinterest

Pinterest_logo-3So quickly before we start I am trying to keep a regular schedule of posts. My goal is for Mondays to be about motivation & progress. Tuesdays my goal is to be focused on outdoors & trails, Wednesdays about fitness & workouts and Thursdays to be about random thoughts & personal stories. So for Mondays I am going to shorten Motivation Monday to Mot Mon. I didn’t want anyone to get confused on what that meant so I figured I would spell it out here.

Do you pin on Pinterest? Chances are strong that you do. Before Pinterest I was trying to come up with a way to save ideas that I found online or outfits that I would like. I ended up saving pictures in my saved photos on my computer. The downside is I didn’t have a way to go back to the link or how to really organize my pictures. I am so happy that someone started thinking about and created Pinterest because it has been awesome to use.

They only downside I have found to using Pinterest is following back to the links to get more information. Sometimes the pins are just the picture for inspiration, sometimes I save it for the actual information that is connected to the link. Either way I think it is a great way to research and save information and keep it organized.

I’ve got my Pinterest boards organized with lots of different categories. Take a look around you will find a wide verity of boards. I have a motivation board with lots of positive sayings and images. I also have work outs, food, clothes, hair. Please take the food pins with a grain of salt, (ha pun) just because I’ve pinned it doesn’t mean I eat it or have made it. Not everything in there will be healthy because sometimes I’m not focused on that even though I should be.

Check out my pins and boards here.