Plan your new year

Hi there! This is gonna be a quick post. I just want you to spend a few minutes thinking about what next year is going to look like. Yesterday I asked you to reflect on the past year and what you have accomplished, failed, gained etc. Today I am asking for you to move forward, leave whatever imprint this year has left on you. Take what you have learned and use it to propel yourself into this new year.

For some planning your next year can be a new years resolution or maybe just a word that is going to be your theme for the year. It could be a busy year already with life events (graduation, wedding, pregnancy) or maybe its just another year and the life events will come unexpectantly. What ever the case may be just take some time today to think about what you want the next year to look like. Write it down, place it somewhere that you will see, dare I say share it with someone. Keep yourself accountable so that this time next year you will be pleased with how you tackled those goals.