I’m Outdoorsy trust me


I’ve started and re-started this blog countless times. In all honestly I want this to be perfect and put a lot of pressure to make it perfect from the beginning. The truth is its hard to start off being perfect when your new to it. As a baby I’m sure a fell a few times trying to figure out the whole walking thing. As a kid I misspelled a lot of words (still do the irony of being a writer) learning how to write and read. So why did I think I should come out of the gate with 50 posts ready to go? I want to write and share my mind and love for the outdoors. I don’t think there is enough publicly for plus size women in the outdoor industry. I also don’t think the outdoor industry takes the south as a place to go to. Sure we got the AT but outside of that you rarely see anything written about the south.

I worked really hard last year trying to get this planned and try to have X posts per week. The truth is this is my first writing gig and I’m new at it. Maybe one day I will have enough to write consistently but for now I’m just going to post when I can. I can’t guarantee what that will look like right now. Here is what I do know, there is no one out there that represents me on a national level that is outdoorsy and plus size. I’ve tried googling a combo of words like plus size, hiking, outdoor, mountain biking and it just doesn’t go where I want it to. So I’m going to be the voice to share what its like being big but also having a passion for getting outside.img_4045

At the end of last year I started a new job that changed my life for the better. It has literally been a life changing situation and every day I am so thankful for it. I didn’t realize at first how much it would take out of me and I ended up putting the blog on the back burner. I didn’t expect it to take me 10 months to get back to it. Its been in the back of my mind but I was so exhausted mentally from work that I didn’t want to write after starting at a computer for 8 hours already. Over the past few weeks this blog has really been nagging my brain to get to writing again. First I went on a hike I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish. Then Jeremy and I went to CycloFest at the Whitewater Center and I got to talk to people in the cycling industry. I spent 15-20 minutes talking to a guy who designs cycling jerseys about the frustration of finding cycling specific clothes as a plus size women. He thanked me for giving him feedback. He THANKED me. I’m a no body. Jeremy has been telling me for a few weeks that I need to get back to it and he is right.

The other day Jeremy and I were sitting on the couch messing with our phones. He showed me how it can take our photos and turn it into a mini movie. He did a video of me and all the pictures he has taken of me over the past year and half. After seeing that video I started crying. There were so many pictures of me hiking and biking. In the Saguaro mountains of Tucson I’m hiking around cacti, riding my bike around Tybee Island (near Savannah) and most recently hanging next to the waterfalls at South Mountain. Seeing those pictures mixed with other events it dawned on me. I’m a hiker! I am that outdoorsy girl that loves to grab her hammock and hit the woods. I’ve been trying to actively loose weight for 3 years to better enjoy my outdoor activities and get healthy but until that happens I’m going to enjoy what I love to do now. At my current size.img_5991