Pray for Rain

We all know that climate change is real but the drastic differences in just my lifespan have been crazy. Fall seems to only last 3 weeks if we are lucky, winter is now 60 degrees with maybe one snow storm a year. This year has been especially difficult for the Carolinas. Hurricane Matthew came in late this summer and left the coast with some serious flooding. One of my friends had to use his kayak to find dry grass for his dogs to use the bathroom. He was a hour inland from the coast of Myrtle Beach. Since the hurricane came and went we have been in a drought that has lasted 2 months. The result? Fires have been burning up a good portion of the Great Smoky Mountains and Appalachian mountains. News has been spreading as the fires have reached Gatlinburg coming dangerously close to Dollywood and the aquarium. Some times we forget that it hasn’t rained in so long because we are living our day to day lives and don’t see the change. I went for a hike this past weekend with Jeremy and our friend Keli and as we looked at the Catawba river I was surprised to say the least. There was a dry beach where there is normally waist high water. I saw people walking their dogs on a dry patch of grass that I’ve never notice before on the other side of the river. I was just out on this same patch of water this summer paddle boarding with my friend Kayla. We took a few pictures to document how bad its gotten. They are calling for some rain but I don’t think 3 days of rain is going to reverse the effects of this drought or be enough to stop the fires.