Let’s play catch up

So this year has already started off with lots of great plans. For one we decided to go on a cruise for the first time with my mom and nanny. I’m really looking forward to a tropical vacation!! But we’ve also got some plans both personal ones and us a couple. Jeremy wants to bikepack the Blue Ridge Parkway from Virginia to North Carolina. It think this is awesome. He has been wanting to do long biking tours for a few months now but most of them require months or at the very least weeks to do. On average the BRP should be about 7-10 days. Since this will be his first time doing a long tour is going with a buddy that we met last summer at a charity ride. They are going to have a blast and get into lots of trouble together. I’ve decided to do all five of the 5Ks from the River Jam this summer at the US National Whitewater Center. There is one a month from May to September and I’m pretty excited about it. I can walk/run a 5K in about an hour, I’m slow I’m ok with being slow but I do want to see if I can get better and I’ve never done a 5K on the trail its always been in the city for a charity so this should be fun.

Our anniversary is in June and we usually try to get out to the beach because duh is summer and its the week after Memorial weekend so its not nearly as busy. I’ve been wanting to go the Outter Banks of North Carolina for years but have never made it. Its a 7 hour drive so you need time to get there enjoy and get back. With our love of biking and being outdoors we have decided the only true way to enjoy the beach is to bike it. So we are going to bike up the coast maybe not the entire thing but a good chunk of it. Plus its flat so I can bike flat really well. We are still in the early stages of planning so we are debating on camping versus staying at bed and breakfast or hotels. Either way 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

I also wanted to let you know that I recently hit up the REI garage sale on New Year’s Eve. I usually come away with some discounted shoes but this year I hit it big! Like really big, 10 feet 6 inches big. It all started when my friend Kayla texted me to see if I was at the store, and of course we were. For those of you who don’t know REI is a co-op and you can get a lifetime membership for only $20. Once a quarter they have a garage sale for stuff that people have bought and returned to the store, it either has a scratch or dent or they just didn’t like the way it fit once they got home. You wait in line like a Black Friday deal and they open up the store to members only get major discounts.

So we were walking around the store had been open for a few hours and people were starting to put stuff back that they had grabbed but decided not to buy. So as we are looking up stairs Kayla sees a kayak for sale and she is like “Amanda tell me not to get this.” So I reply, “Kayla don’t buy it”. She keeps staring at it and as I walk around I point to a SUP board. I tell her, “If only I could buy this and we could head out on the water together but it has a sold sticker on it.” That’s when everything changed. Blake the REI employee that I’ve talked to a few times about SUP says “Oh its not sold that’s just the paper work that goes with it.” WHAT? Are you kidding me? So Jeremy steps in and goes “Well how much is it?” Blake smiles” $250.” At this point I know that this baby is mine I look at Jeremy and tell him that it normally sales for $1,000 I’ve looked up that particular model before. So now Jeremy is convinced because it’s such a good deal and sure its got some damage but it floats and I’m new at paddleboarding so I don’t need something shiny and new. So I tell Kayla “Ok I’m getting the paddle board you get the kayak and we will enjoy this summer”


Next thing you know we are outside strapping our new purchases to our cars. And since it wasn’t planned we had to store my board in her garage until we figure out how to store it in our one bedroom apartment. The picture of it on top of the car is hilarious too because Jeremy just got done hiking with a friend in Grayson Highlands where it snowed 5 inches. So here we are with a Subaru covered in snow with a paddle board on top. Talk about a year round car. I’ll also include a picture of Jeremy’s trip in the snow. He loves cold weather camping but I’m a temp wimp and don’t join him. Fun fact about Grayson Highlands besides the fact that its along the AT there are wild Ponies, you can’t feed them but you can pet them and take selfies. img_0283