My Epic mountain biking adventure

So as you know I am still new to mountain biking. We got a Garmin VIRB a few months ago and have been playing around with video and editing. Two weeks ago we went to Francis Beaty to ride around. At the beginning of the video you will see me on blue trails which are hard for me. I struggle to get up a hill and I’m scared to go fast down hill. I end up falling over which you can see in slow mo. We are still learning how to edit but still make sure we capture everything so the video is 16 minutes long. Be sure to watch the full video, there is even some comedy thrown in there for good measure. Towards the end of the video you see me on green trails which are wider, smoother and easier. You can tell a big difference between green and blue trails. What I want to you grasp most from this video is that I’m learning and working on improving my skills and my confidence.