The Adventure Room

I have a co-worker who share my passion for all things outdoors. While at work we share stories about trips we have done or plan to do. We’ve talked gear and shown each other videos and photos of our adventures. He recently bought a house and was telling me about how he has one room that is his adventure room. It stores his gear for backpacking and mountain biking plus has photos of his trips. I love that he calls it the adventure room it just sounds awesome.

The thing about our house is that we live in a one bedroom apartment. So our adventure room is technically the dining room. But in reality we have an open concept living area and there is stuff everywhere. (Although it is organized) So really you could say we have an adventure house. We are currently debating on whether to expand to a 2 bed room apartment or add a storage unit to try to clean out and better organize our space. For now I thought it would be fun to show off our own adventure space.


We have tried our best to keep this as organized as possible. Behind the sofa is a long set of dressers that has all of our camping gear stored away. This includes hammocks, tents and other thinks like cooking sets. We have two trainers where we can ride indoors for when it is cold, hot or just don’t want to be outside. We used yoga mats to protect the bikes from the floor. On back wall is storage for the bikes when they aren’t on trainers. There is also hooks for helmets, day packs and other odds and ends on the shelf. Originally we had planned to store the paddle board on the ceiling but are having trouble finding a pulley system that will work, so for now its propet against the wall. The only wall that is long enough to hold is our bedroom but we can’t actually get it in the bedroom do to the layout so for now it just sits there.


This wall is our planning and goal wall. We have set up different goals over the year here to looked at. Right now we are planing our biking trips so the map on the left is the blue ridge parkway and on the right is the outer banks.


In another nook of our living room is another map of the blue ridge parkway. We have have our bike trailer. Jeremy uses this to haul stuff like getting groceries instead of using the car. We only live .4 miles round trip from our grocery store so this makes it simple and actually faster then trying to drive there and back. Plus it can roll right into the house and unpack the groceries instead of having to make trips from the car.

Thats it for now in our adventure room. Maybe one day we will upgrade to a two bedroom and can move all of this to an actual room but for now I like it. It makes the apartment a little bit snug but that’s ok. We aren’t ones to have lots of people over but when we do they can clearly see what we like to do and the plans we have for the year.