Skipping March

So I don’t know about your neck of the woods but here in Charlotte I have become convinced that Mother Nature forgot that it is February and skipped March altogether and went straight to April. I even have facts to prove it:

1)The trees have been blooming for a few weeks now.

2) Its been in the 70s on a regular basis on Friday they are even calling for 80s

3) I saw a girl wearing Easter bunny ears just days after Valentine’s Day (sorry St. Patricks day)

4) I sneezed this morning while taking Ladybug out. (That may sound irrelevant but I have spring allergies so my nose knows.)

Anyway the weather here has been so nice that I’ve been going for some good local hikes on my days off. On Sunday we even had a picnic at Anne Springs with a friend before hiking 3.5 miles around. I thought I would show off a few pics from a hike me and Jeremy went on a few weeks ago. It was very windy that day so I ended up having to put my headband around my hoodie to keep it from blowing off. It was just a little chilly with the wind blowing so it was important to stay warm.


While I know it is so warm because of global warming right now the best I can do is enjoy it. See ya on the trails!