Zwift Update

Hey Guys! So I’ve been riding at least twice a week on my bike trainer while on Zwift and I thought I would do a quick update on my progress. I can tell that I’m getting stronger and quicker. At the end of January they added in a volcano to the Wattopia world and I have been loving that track. The first time I did rode it, it took me 46 minutes to ride 8 miles. I did the same route this week and it was 41 minutes! That is some huge progress. I also have 10 seconds off of my sprint on the Richmond track.


My new kit I got after hitting another goal

Aside from my time getting faster I’m getting more use to being in the saddle. It still doesn’t fit perfectly and I’m working on finding something that I can sit in for an hour or more but I’m getting use to it. I have trouble peddling while standing up so since I’m on a trainer and can’t wait for a downhill to get out of the saddle and move around I end up just having to stop all together and stand up.

Overall I’m really happy with Zwift, it makes training to ride a bike much more enjoyable and I like that I can see all my stats live to make sure I’m keeping the same pace with my cadence and wattage. I seem to not be on when the London track is open but I am enjoying the Volcano flat trail. When I first started I would only ride 3 miles and call it a day, now on average I ride 5 at a time. I’m hoping to increase my miles and get use to riding 8-10 over the next month as my average. Before I know it will be June and that will be a 100 miles in a week.

Some pictures I saved of the Volcano flats route.