I usually try to go the green ways around the house or a local trail to get out of the house and explore on my days off. So this time me and Jeremy drove uptown and biked 6 miles round trip along the Little Sugar Creek greenway. It was so much fun and a super relaxing ride. Jeremy was impressed by how much stronger I have gotten from all my Zwift training. My new personal record for me was being able to climb every single hill in our ride. Ones that I normally wouldn’t even try I did without thinking. And hills that I normally get stuck on half way up I finished without trying. Speed was not as important as enjoying the ride. I really enjoyed this greenway and will definitely be back.


We started at the Metropolitan shopping center and went down toward the end then came back up and finished with lunch at Hickory Tavern. It was a super chill ride but also a lot of fun. The greenway literally follows the creek and even crosses from one side of the bank to the other. The 90 degree turns were a little scary just to go from one right into another one in the opposite direction. It connects into Freedom park which is much larger then I realized. It finally dead ends into a neighbor where I found some super cute houses that I will be using for inspiration when it comes time for us to get a house.



Both of these houses were older ranches that have been renovated. While they stood out in the neighborhood for their sleek look I just had to tak a picture.


Finally here is a picture of me with the QC in the background. I love my city, I think its very pretty and proud to be a native of Charlotte. Its a rare thing to find someone who grew up here and stayed as an adult but here I am.