Test Drive, I mean ride

As my cycling abilities have gotten stronger over the past year so has my interest is where I can take my bike. It might sound obvious but not all bikes are created the same and typically a bike is designed for one type of riding. For example you wouldn’t want to take a road bike on some single track to climb over roots. At the same time its not wise to use a fat tire bike to do a century ride. (Although I do know someone who has done that before… Hi Mark)

Jeremy has been looking at many different bikes to do lot of different things for him. He loves to hike and backpack so he has been looking at doing bike packing. He also needs something that can haul the groceries on his bike trailer. And it should be comfortable enough for him to do some long distance charity rides. After he did a shake down ride on his road bike full of gear it became clear that trying to turn his road bike into a touring bike just wasn’t going to cut it. After doing tons of research he decided to get the Trek 920. Its designed to do a little bit of everything so it has knobby mountain bike tires and racks to carry everything but he can take those off and put on smooth tires and turn it into a comfy road bike. Ironically enought the guy he is riding with on the Blue Ridge Parkway also bought the same bike, in the same color, and size. Did I mention they are both bald with beards. Yeah they will be twinning it up at the end of April and its going to be awesome.


Meet Bulkhead Blues, named after a song my dad sung in the Navy

While Jeremy has been looking into new bikes I too have been test riding bikes to see what I would like to have in the future. Earlier this year we found fat bikes at a local bike shop that happen to be in both me and Jeremy’s sizes. Needless to say we tested those together. We had been thinking at the time about getting fat bikes for our trip to the Outer Banks. Fat tire bikes are designed to ride on snow and sand and also absorb vibrations from roots and gravel. We both tried the Trek Farley and man am I in love with getting a fat bike. The first time I rode my mountain bike I slid on gravel and fell hard. Ever since I’ve been a little leary of gravel. On the Farley I couldn’t tell it stuck to the ground and gave me some much needed confidence. I’m fairly certain that one day I will be trading in my cannondale for a fat bike. It doesn’t snow ever but it would be fun to try and find some snow but we do have plenary of beaches to take it too as well. Plus with all the roots I’ve got in Charlotte it might be nice going around here too.


I’ve also been looking and test riding the Trek Conduit. ( I know this is starting to sound like a sponsored post but trust me they have no clue who I am) This bike is designed to be a commuter bike and has one of my favorite features, electric pedal assists. There is a detachable and rechargeable battery that helps double or even triple my pedaling. Which means I go faster and put out the same power then my regular bike. I love the idea of commuting to work or at the very least around town a little bit for groceries and going out to dinner. The roads between my house and work aren’t exactly cycling friendly not to mention 13 miles one way. I should note that they have e-bikes for crusiers and mountain bikes as well, and yes there is even a e-bike fat tire.


Check out me riding the Conduit

Either way I highly suggest trying on different bikes to see how they fit. If you not sure what kind of riding you want to do its even better to ask your local bike shop and test a few out. You might find that a certain type of bike is more enjoyable then you originally thought.