My Birthday

Last week was my birthday and I thought I’d share a little bit. As per tradition I had dinner at Outback on my birthday. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, I alway have it on my birth-day, not the day before after or anywhere in between. Its a tradition that goes back to middle school so its pretty legit. It was going to start with me and my friend watching the new Beauty and the Beast but it was sold out. So we ended up going to REI because duh, and it just so happen to be the day after their garage sale. They had a few things left over and I found a used hitch haul bike rack. After using our dividen from last year we ended up with a bike rack where I can load and unload the bikes my self and it only cost $40 out of pocket. (Normally a few hundred dollars, win)


After that I joined up with more friends and we went to Exit Strategy. Its one of those escape rooms where you have an hour to figure out puzzles to get out. We did a bank heist room and literally finished with 10 seconds to spare. It was so much fun and we will definitely be doing that again. It was one of the hardest rooms but we ended up getting through all the locks and the lasers to get the diamond and get out through the air ducts. Here is the picture to prove it.


If you haven’t done one of theses rooms before I highly suggest doing it. There is a chance you can have strangers in the room with you, or you can book it all. I would recommend a group of about 4-7 people. Once you get to the limit of 10 it would probably be crowded and too small a group could be hard to solve all the puzzles in time. Without giving too much away for our room we were split into two teams that had to work together to break into a new room where we could connect. Then we had to get past two more rooms that had more clues to help us get to the final area that got us to the diamond and to get out of there.

All in all it was a great birthday and I’m exited to see what this year has in store!