I had originally planed on writing about a Hello Hero post for today but this is fairly close topic. Last week was the first annual Indian Pacific Rim race, going from Perth to Sydney in Australia. I first learned about ultra endurance cycling when my husband made me watch Inspired to Ride on Netflix. That movie was about the first trans-am race across America from Oregon to Virginia.  It introduced me to two cyclist, Mike Hall and Juliana Buhring. Last week Mike Hall was killed in a bike/car crash just outside Canberra, Australia. He probably would have finished the race that day. Mike was the number one ultra endurance cyclist. They had a tribute ride at the Sydney Opera house on Sunday for him and across the cycling community other people have been doing rides in honor of Mike Hall. So on Saturday night I decided that I needed to do a ride for him as well.


As I’m sure you remember we are planning on a bike tour of the Outer Banks this summer. I’ve been training and getting up to 9 miles on an average ride. I wanted to push myself for Mike and decided to break my previous record of distance. Last time I did a long ride was in August of 2015 when I did 15 miles in Tucson. I wanted to go longer so I set a goal of 20 miles.

We decided to ride on the greenway since I’m still not ready to share the road with cars. Although it was a little busy with the warm weather on a weekend it was still a great ride. I ended up making it all 20 miles without much pain or discomfort.  I just picked up a new saddle on Thursday after rain delayed my riding. This new one is great and after a 20 mile ride I know it will work for me. That is a huge relief after spending a year trying out new saddles.


I’m so proud of myself for getting to the 20 mile mark. I wanted to shout it to everyone, and I did tell some ladies that were walking on the greenway after seeing me pass them a few times. I also came into work telling everyone I could about my achievement. While I’m not looking to do ultra endurance like Mike, I did push myself to do more then what I thought I could do and that is a huge thing in itself.