Adventure Book Review: This Road I ride

I’m a book worm. Its true. Confession time, in middle school I was in a book reading club.  I’m always surprised to see how many adults don’t read once they are done with school. I love reading books doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non-fiction. I love leaving this world and exploring the world the story describes to me. I’ve been reading a few books lately that I’m going to put on a different genre of adventure stories. Some of them have become popular like Wild (the book not the movie)… (yes that was a Gilmore Girl reference) others you probably haven’t heard of. So I figured I would jot down a little review of these books and hopefully it will not only encourage you to read these books but also create your own adventure story.


The first book I’ve chosen is This Road I Ride by Juliana Buhring. I first learned of Juliana after watching Inspired to Ride on Netflix. She is an ultra endurance cyclist who is also the first woman to ride a bike across the circumstance of the world. She is a world record breaker and has a crazy back story. She grew up in the Church of God cult, shuffled from one country to another. With no specific home and siblings scattered across the globe she is a nomad in the purist sense of the world.

After losing the love of her life she decided to go on her own epic adventure in honor of her love’s passion to explore. She has little training before she starts off riding “in the wrong direction” going across Europe, America, Australia and Asia before ending back in her current hometown of Naples, Italy.


I loved the book for many reasons, one its an easy read. Its journal style and only took me 2 1/2 days to read it while at work. After watching a movie about endurance cycling and think it help me visualize her story. I’ve read many stories about people traveling on their own and having trail angels while on the AT or the PCT and Juliana had the same thing with road angels. From little things like buying her a Subway sub to driving her to a bike shop to fix her bike.

There were some stories that I kinda expected like climbing the Rockies but other things I didn’t. In Australia she had issues with magpies, these crazy birds that would dive down and try to attack her helmet. In India she had issues with people following her and asking how expensive her bike was. Despite how society tells us that women shouldn’t travel by themselves Juliana doesn’t have any crazy issues like that. Although she does end up getting lost in New Zealand and go the wrong way.


Overall if you want a quick read that has a little bit of humor and inspiration I would definitely put this on the “To Read” list. Let me know if you read this book and what you think about it.