Gear Review: QALO and RoadID


Look at this picture. Everything matches the perfect mint blue color. Its so cute right!?! Well my life might not be put together but my left hand is. I wanted to do a quick like shout out to some “gear” that I have and really love. Now I use the term gear loosely here most of the time gear reviews are on tents and backpacks or shoes. And over time I’ll give you my opinion on other things I have too. But today we are going to make it fun.

So first up is my QALO wedding ring. While yes I do have a traditional wedding ring with a diamond from Tiffany’s (I’m noticing a color trend here) I hardly wear it. I love it, its 100% me, quirky and simply. But I don’t like scratching up the metal or having to keep the diamond clean.

Back in 2014, I think, Jeremy and I joined a crossfit box. I miss crossfit… anyways I had issues of wearing my ring and getting it scratched from lifting weights. I found QALO from a couple of friends and love it. The first one I had was neon green because duh. It turned out to be a size too big and I lost it. Another reason that I love it, the rings are less then $20 so its easy to replace if needed. Now my ring is a cute mint color that also glows in the dark. Its fun to weird out the husband in the middle of the night with my glowing ring. Any who I love it because its super comfy. I can go from work to the trail and not have to worry about changing my ring. They have lots of colors so I can get more to mix and match. Its durable and I don’t have to worry about it getting stuck on my finger if I wear it over night like I do my traditional ring.


Next up is my RoadID. This was something that Jeremy really wanted to get for him and I gotta have one too. Its a simple concept, it has my emergency contact, blood type and if I have any allergies. And for a little extra you can get cute charms to add to the ends. As you can see I have some cycling inspired ones along with a peace sign and a Hero because I am a hero. While yes I do have all the same information saved on my iPhone if I’m in trouble and I don’t have my phone right next to me this is a good thing to have on hand. (Technically its on the wrist but do I still get pun points) There are different size bands and or course colors. You can even get different metals for the ingraving.

If you want to get a RoadID here is a link:

If you decide to buy from this link I will get a $5 credit.