Life Happens

I’m sorry. Honestly I am. I know its been a while since I posted. I’ve had a couple bumps in the road the past few weeks that unfortunately have taken my time and energy away from here. Please forgive me, not only for not posting recently but also for the long post explaining why.

Lets start back to the end of April. Since the beginning of the year my husband has been planning a cycling touring trip with a buddy across the Blue Ridge Parkway. For those that aren’t familiar the BRP is a scenic highway along the Appalachian mountains from Virginia to North Carolina. Its about 460 miles and crazy elevation gains. The goal was for me to drop them off at the north end in Afton, VA and then pick them up 10 days later. I had plans, big plans. Plans that evolved this blog and writing some posts to have ahead of schedule. I also had plans to binge watch Netflix shows that I know Jeremy cares nothing about. Anyways you know how they tell you to never tell God your plans… well some how He found out.


It started literally as soon as I dropped Jeremy and Mark off at a crappy hotel. It was too late in the day for them to really get any riding done so they decided to stay in a hotel and hit the road on their bikes the next day. As soon as I got on the highway I set the cruise control on my Subaru Outback and was settling in for my 5 hour drive back home.  Not even 10 minutes into my drive the car turns itself off of cruise control and lights on my dashboard come on, including the check engine and brake lights. Great. I call Jeremy telling him what’s going on, the car actually can drive and breaks seem find just no cruise. He mentions that we should really get AAA because this is the second time we have had car trouble while he was on a long bike ride. (Maybe I’ll save that for another post)

So I continue on my drive south as the sun sets… and the rain comes. Now I’m not a huge fan of driving to begin with. I do it because I have to and live in America were public transportation is under funded and frown upon to use. Seriously I could have had my license when I was a sophomore but I didn’t care and waited until I was 17. A 5 hour drive in the rain at night is annoying at best. Sometime around hour 2-3 the driver windshield wiper broke too. Eventually I made it home. Yay.

I went to work the next day and drove the Outback to see if maybe the dashboard had changed its mind after having the night to rest. It didn’t, they were still on. So on Saturday I drove the Saturn to work for two reasons. One the lights on the Outback and the driver’s window hadn’t been working for a few weeks and at work we all get Chick-fil-A before coming in to work Saturdays. (Don’t judge you know the chicken biscuits are amazing) On my way home from work I stopped by the grocery store to get some food and RedBox some movies that I knew Jeremy didn’t care to watch. (Girl’s night!) While I’m texting my friend to come over and watch movies I get in the Saturn and it won’t crank. Now granted this is a 15 year old car but it has less then 110k miles and just got a new battery less then 6 months ago. Most importantly its paid off and I want to keep it that way.

So I end up walking home from the grocery store which thankfully is less the a quarter of a mile away. My friend Keli comes and tries to jump the car but the battery isn’t dead so that doesn’t fix the problem. Her dad even comes to take a look at it and thinks it something with the fuel but I filled up on my way to work earlier that day. I end up getting to watch one of my movies and have my car just stay there over night. Its ok because Publix people are cool. I call them the Chick-fil-A of grocery stores. Think about it, you know I’m right.


Sunday I go back to trying to fix the Subaru since it can at least drive. The guy at Autozone is an idiot and can’t even find where to hook the check engine computer tester. He also tells me that you need a special tool to replace the back windshield wiper and they couldn’t do it because if they break it its $150 to replace, but Mineke could do it for $5. (Spoiler Jeremy changed it for free in less then 30 seconds no tools required. Oh and this guy was the manager.) So I go over the Advance Auto, they find where to look up the codes right away, sweet, and tell me what they mean, double sweet. I go home google the codes turns out the most common thing is to change the air filter. YouTube shows me how to do it  in under 10 minutes and I go back to Advance to buy one. $15 later I’ve got the Outback fixed by myself. (Girl Power)

The Saturn unfortunately couldn’t be fixed that easily. I ended up adulting big time and became a AAA member and had them tow the car on Monday. In the weeks, yes weeks that followed it turned out that there was some kind of electrical surge that took out the fuel pump and throttle body and messed with some of the wiring to the computer. One massive car bill later we have the Saturn back, after we took it back to them because they forgot to connect the AC.


While I dealt with he car trauma Jeremy was slowly making his way across the mountains. They had set a lofty goal of about 50-80 miles a day. Now if they were in the piedmont of the beach that would be no problem but the mountains are a different story.  They were doing more like 25-35 miles a day and not riding as many hours as planned due to fatigue. Between that and my epic car issues they ended up cutting the trip short and got a U-haul back home. I’m still very proud of them. They did 120 miles and 10,000 feet of elevation gain in 4-5 days. Each bike weighed about 80 pounds when you add in food, water and camping gear. Not an easy task to complete.

So that in a nutshell is what has been taking up a lot of my time. Jeremy just started a job at REI (perfect for what we love to do) so we have been balancing with one car. Mostly its me dropping him off and him riding his bike back home. The beginning of May is also just a hard time of year for me. My dad passed away 3 years ago. It was sudden and unexpected and still hurts. Plus he died on Mother’s Day so it puts a huge damper on the holiday. The Facebook memories don’t help much either. I’ll tell you what I did this year for him in another post. I’ve also been struggling with some changes at work and in the middle of all of this the blog was put on a back burner. That’s not my intention. I’ll try to do better.