5 5ks in 5 months

So this year I decided to try something that was managable but still hard to do. Run five 5ks in 5 months. Now if your a runner you are probably rolling your eyes at me because you do this as a warm up to your actual run. For me however its hard. Now this isn’t your normal 5k charity walk around the city. No no. This is trail running a 5k. Running a 5k is a task on its own. Running in the woods, over tree roots and rocks while having to hike some elevation in the middle now we are talking about what I’m trying to do.

The USNWC aka my favorite playground has lots of different events that go year round. Anything from mountain biking to running and SUP competitions, sometimes all three together. During the summer they have what’s call River Jam, every Thursday night from May to September they have bands come out to play. On the second Thursday of the month they have the River Jam Run, a 5k-ish or 10k-ish option. Naturally I’m going for the beginner level one. Now I’m not looking to be at competition level but I am looking to improving my health. As an added bonus if you do all 5 5ks they will give you a hoodie. That is my goal, my trophy if you will. A hoodie that will show all the world that I am a trail runner and have proof by entering in the River Jam runs.


Last week was the first one and everything in life wanted to push against me doing it. To begin with as you know from my previous post we have been down to one car and Jeremy had to work. He gets off at 6 in south Charlotte and the race starts at 6:30 in north Charlotte. So he had to ride his bike home and couldn’t join me. A manager at work has agreed to do them with me since she is a pro at running. Her love is a half marathon, she has done something like 7 or 8 of them. However last week she was out of town on vacation. So here I am, first race of the season, no real training if I’m being honest and I’m alone. What could go wrong?

Well for starters I was late. Like 20 minutes behind the last person late. Thankfully they let me sign in and run. On top of that the race also happen to land on the 3 year anniversary of my dad passing away. Picture it, I’m late to the first race, I’m alone and I’m an emotional wreck. Lets see how this will go for me.


Post run picture!

I ended up doing pretty well for the first mile if I do say so myself. The second mile had more elevation gain and my back decided to remind me that I’m an fat woman trying to run. So most of that was done walking. The third mile wasn’t as bad, I even found a bit of energy. But I did struggle with having to deal with the bikers sharing the trail. They would come in front of me, take a side trail then be behind me and need to get in front again. This happened for about 30 minutes. The last half a mile I was just ready to be done. I had already cried 2-3 times, from the pain, the grief, the frustration of it all.

The final stretch of the run is also where it started, going around the man made white water river. To say that I was exhausted is an understatement. As I was coming around the end they were literally taking down the signs and breaking down the time counter while I’m still 20 feet away. Once they saw me they started cheering. It was mostly people who worked there but they were impressed that I didn’t stop and frankly so am I. One of the guys even gave me a water bottle as reward for finishing. He told me that I was the real MVP.  As I walked away some runners that were enjoying the music saw that I had just finished and made me feel super special for finishing. My time official for the 5kish (3.6 miles offficaly) is 1 hour and 23 minutes. They stop the clock at 1:30. Haha but I was under! The only reason I am putting the time on here is show that its more important to just get out there and try then to wait until you’ve reached a certain level of fitness. Also so we can check back in September and see if my time will improve. Ok so technically that’s two reasons but whatever.


How I really felt after the race