5k update

IMG_1320Ok so it turns out trying to run in the summer sucks. Who’d a thunk it? Last week I did my second 5K, and while it was technically the third one for the summer it was my second one. I missed the June one, I had just gotten back from vacation, Jeremy was working, I hadn’t even paid and just decided to bail on it. So yes I won’t get the hoodie I wanted but truth be told they didn’t make the hoodie in my size anyway. (Plus size problems) So for July I talked my manager from work into joining me. She is an avid runner but doesn’t really do trails.

This time around I did train more then back in May. I’ve been running at least 1-2 times a week and been working out 3-4 times a week total. My running around the apartment complex is a small distance 1- 1.5 miles. Nothing too crazy mostly because of time and heat. I tried to work out before work which has me doing it around 9am. However the weather in July in the south can sometimes make life miserable. Between it reaching the 90s by 9am and the high humidity it can make it hard to be active outside.


So for the 5K last week weather had a big part in my performance.  By the time we got started it was about 7pm and still roughly 95 degrees outside. I ended up walking about 95% of the race to just to make sure I didn’t over heat. My friend was happy to walk with me and it ended up working out for the best. I was going to be at the end of the pack regardless of whether I walked it or run. As for my results I was only 10 minutes slower walking then I was in May trying to run it. I’d call that a win considering how hot it was makes it hard to do anything anyways. I was chugging water all day leading up to the race. My awesome hubby met us on the trail twice with fresh water bottles full of ice to keep us going. I ended up getting a little too hot and feeling a little sick afterwards but once I got some dinner in me I felt a lot better. As far as muscles go I wasn’t as sore as I expected. I did have a knot in my left calf that annoyed me all weekend.

I’m in debate about whether I want to do the 5k in August, if its just as hot I might skip it and wait until September. I do feel like my running skills are getting better which is the most important thing. Have you tried trail running before?