Monthly Archive: August, 2017

What do I need for a day light/day hike?

As I had mentioned earlier hiking is a simple way to ease into getting outside. Today I’m going to cover some of the basics you would need for a day light or day… Continue reading

What do you mean there are different types of bikes?

To the untrained eye all bikes probably look the same, two wheels, handlebars, seat and frame. The reality is that there are different bikes to do different things. I’m gonna break it down… Continue reading

I want to get outside! What should I try first?

Maybe you found my Instagram page, or you’ve been following the blog. Either way you can see that I like to be outdoors and try different activities. If your brand new to the… Continue reading

MTB by myself

I recently got an upgrade on my work schedule and now have weekends off. After working Saturday’s for the past year and a half I’m super excited to hang out with friends and… Continue reading