Howdy! I’m Amanda. I’ve lived in Charlotte, NC for most of my life it’s a rare thing to find a native to the Queen City.

A little bit more about me:

I am addicted to Gilmore Girls, seriously quiz me I know it all. Oy with the poodles, Copper Boom, Faux Poes Foes Poes, Team Jess, Team Luke.

My favorite color is Lime Green but really any neon color will do.

I have the best four legged child in the world. LadyBug is the closest we will get to having a kid. She is American Bull Dog and Boxer and she has a split personality. Mostly she just sleeps.

I’m a pillowger. It’s a word my dad came up with when I was a kid. It is pillow and hogger mixed together. My mom and I love to sleep with lots of pillows. I’ve taught LadyBug to do this as well.

Speaking of my dad, he died on May 11, 2014. It was mother’s day and very unexpected. Expect to read a lot of Father. He is the one who got me and Jeremy into hiking outdoors.

I’ve got two tattoos so far, my left wrist says Hello Daughter in my dad’s handwriting, my right wrist says Worthy of Love, it’s what Amanda means in Latin.

My awesome husband is Jeremy. We have been married since 2010. He is 6’4″, has a beard (b/c he is a man and men have beards) and he loves toe shoes. No really he only wears toe shoes.  Weddings, hiking, causal, to work he has a toe shoe for every occasion. He recently got into cycling and has gotten me into it as well.