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The best reason to go to Grayson Highlands…

  Ponies!! So as I quickly mentioned last week during our getaway to Virginia we also went to Grayson Highlands. As you can probably guess from my jaw line in this picture my… Continue reading

3 reasons you should put Virginia Creeper Trail on your Fall Bucket list

So last weekend me and the hubby finally got our schedules in sync for a quick getaway. I’ve been wanting to go see the ponies at Grayson Highlands and I’ve heard about the… Continue reading

What do I need for a day light/day hike?

As I had mentioned earlier hiking is a simple way to ease into getting outside. Today I’m going to cover some of the basics you would need for a day light or day… Continue reading

What do you mean there are different types of bikes?

To the untrained eye all bikes probably look the same, two wheels, handlebars, seat and frame. The reality is that there are different bikes to do different things. I’m gonna break it down… Continue reading

I want to get outside! What should I try first?

Maybe you found my Instagram page, or you’ve been following the blog. Either way you can see that I like to be outdoors and try different activities. If your brand new to the… Continue reading

What to do in Tybee Island

As I mentioned earlier I went to Tybee Island back in June. Its a ton of fun to go out there and relax by the beach. For those of you that aren’t familiar… Continue reading

Camping at the beach-Tent and sleeping

So at the beginning ¬†of the summer we went on vacation to celebrate our anniversary (7 years) at Tybee Island. For those who don’t know its just outside Savannah, GA. This year we… Continue reading

5k update

Ok so it turns out trying to run in the summer sucks. Who’d a thunk it? Last week I did my second 5K, and while it was technically the third one for the… Continue reading

5 5ks in 5 months

So this year I decided to try something that was managable but still hard to do. Run five 5ks in 5 months. Now if your a runner you are probably rolling your eyes… Continue reading

Life Happens

I’m sorry. Honestly I am. I know its been a while since I posted. I’ve had a couple bumps in the road the past few weeks that unfortunately have taken my time and… Continue reading