Reward yourself and how

The new year is around the corner and if you are like me you have probably already created your New Year’s Resolution. I started planning mine in October (I knew it would take… Continue reading

Trail Tuesday: Latta Plantation

Over the course of this blog I want to highlight trails that I visit often or really enjoy. I figured to get started I had to go with my first trail memories. Latta… Continue reading

Mot Mon: Pinterest

So quickly before we start I am trying to keep a regular schedule of posts. My goal is for Mondays to be about motivation & progress. Tuesdays my goal is to be focused… Continue reading

Truck Stop Santa

Christmas has to be one of my all time favorite holidays. Everything about this time of year is wonderful: food, lights, music, presents, family. My family has a very unique tradition that started… Continue reading

Do you Fitbit?

By now pretty much everyone knows some one that owns a Fitbit. There are lots of fitness trackers out there ranging from Garmin that does it all on your wrist to pretty ones… Continue reading

Gear wish list

It’s Christmas time and kids aren’t the only ones that can have a wish list. While I doubt I will get anything of my wish list for Christmas this year I can still… Continue reading

Hello Hero: Michelle Wilson

So I came up with this idea for a regular series of posts that is basically a shout out to people who are inspiring me. Sometimes it is people I know other times… Continue reading

Oyster stew and family traditions

Every family has traditions especially around the holidays, I thought I would share mine. As a child we use to go Winston-Salem on Christmas Eve and have a Moravian love feast. For those… Continue reading

Road Trip with your dog

This time of year lots of people will hit the roads to travel and see family. Don’t forget to bring Fido with you on the road. Earlier this year we traveled to Arizona… Continue reading

The 10 essentials

As an avid hiker the 10 essentials list is very common topic. It is basically a list of things you should carry at all times for your hike. Depending on your location, weather… Continue reading